Imagine a world in which you can't trust your own eyes, your memories can be manipulated, and your decisions subtly influenced. A world in which impossible things happen right in front of you.

You already live in that world.

Rob Teszka combines innovative cognitive psychology with over a decade of performance experience to illustrate the most magical phenomena of the human mind and reveal a hidden side of reality.

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about Rob

Rob performs his unique take on magic in a variety of venues in British Columbia, from Vancouver to Whistler and throughout the Lower Mainland, where he is based in Coquitlam. His performances are suitable for private bookings including banquets, parties, club meetings, gallery openings, late nights at museums, and corporate events.

For nearly a decade Rob performed throughout England, including regular spots at the Magicians Showcase at the London Improv Theatre, The Illusioneer Magic Theatre, and Craft Beer & Crafty Tricks at the Priory Arms.  Rob became an Associate Member of the Inner Magic Circle, where he hosted parlour shows and gave interactive tours of the museum as an assistant curator.

Looking for help with a creative project? Rob has published academic research on the psychology of magic, and consulted on the finer points of manipulating reality for companies such as Hendricks Gin and HBO/Cinemax.