Rob's magic is the perfect way to break the ice during downtime at weddings, cocktail parties, banquets and other special events. While guests are mingling or waiting for dinner service, Rob entertains each group with a short show that will have everyone talking and laughing!

Formal Close-up

This performance is great for intimate venues and audiences of 5-30 people: in fact it's the ideal way to experience Rob's fascinating magic of the mind. Everyone has a great view, and everyone can be involved. Perfect for private parties--if you want to give your guests a truly unique experience, this classic form of magic is the way.

Cabaret And Parlour

The psychological stand-up show is adapted specifically for your event, whether it takes place at a venue with a small theatre, a raised platform in the pub, or even just a corner of the room. This performance wows audiences ranging from 20 friends and family to groups of 100+.


Drawing on innovative academic research, Rob gives a fascinating lecture illustrated throughout with interactive experiments and fun magic. In a field where motivational speakers are a dime-a-dozen, why not really think outside the box?  Find out how magic and psychology intertwine with a talk tailored to the specific needs of your audience.